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Evolution of Drive Change

Evolution. It's what took us from our first bicycle in 1952 to our first car in 1971. It’s the march of progress. It’s embracing responsiveness. It’s believing that where we’re headed can be bigger and better than where we’ve been. It’s the promise of a brighter tomorrow that led us to create the Kia Drive Change program in 2010. Communities across Canada chose to evolve with us, over three short years we’ve managed to Drive Change a great distance.

Since the Kia Drive Change program launched in 2010, Canadians haven’t stopped looking for ways within our homes, our workplaces, and our communities to make our country a better place for all of us to live. With an emphasis on improving our social and environmental conditions, we’ve found that the biggest changes aren’t born up on high. They start with small, achievable activities that can be performed throughout our daily lives.

Our journey began in 2010 with the first Kia Drive Change campaign. Encouraging environmentalism and self-sufficiency, Kia provided plants, soil and building materials to the Gilder Drive, a Toronto Community Housing project, to bring fruition to a community garden they had been trying to construct for four years. Building a basketball court for the Second Base Youth Shelter in Toronto league team didn’t just keep at-risk kids active – it prioritized building important social skills like respect, responsibility, ambition, and drive. And with the gift of a Kia Sportage to a family that was in need of a vehicle to drive to medical appointments up to 260 kilometres away, we stood strong to protect the most important unit of a healthy community – a healthy family.

But we were only just hitting the gas. In 2011, Kia Drive Change went into high gear and encouraged people across Canada to share how their act of change, no matter how big or small, can help make a difference. Citizens also dedicated themselves to Drive Change in their communities and workplace by hosting various events. Kia Drive Change grew to over 117 events, 182 acts of change and over 227 submissions to win $25,000 to support a community project. With a clear skies and open roads, in 2012, we grew again with over 315 events, 250 acts of change and over 1,938 submissions to award one of four $10,000 bursaries towards a community project. Kia has embraced this program year over year and has continued to Drive Change across Canada as an organization.

In 2013, we’re anticipating our best year yet. Offering the opportunity to nominate an organization or a charity that could benefit from the use of a Kia Vehicle for 2 years to aid with their charity work, we hope to give grassroots initiatives the ‘lift’ they need to help them reach goals that benefit the community. Kia has developed the Map of Hope Campaign, with support from MADD Canada, and are asking drivers to take the pledge on the Canadian Map of Hope to keep our roadways safe by driving sober. Encouraging Canadians to join us to Drive Change not just in our environment and communities, but also behind the wheel. We hope to make the highways that crisscross this great nation not just roads to travel, but routes to a safe and happy future.

Join us in our journey to a brighter tomorrow. Kia Drive Change today.

2012 Kia Drive Change Winners

Camp Bucko

"Camp BUCKO is a camp for burn survivors between the ages of 7 and 17 from Ontario. Every summer boys and girls have a chance to spend a week together with other burn survivors while participating in activities such as swimming, archery, kayaking, rock climbing, fishing as well as things like arts and crafts.

Camp BUCKO is completely facilitated by volunteers and there is no cost to campers at all. This is all made possible by generous donations from sponsors throughout Ontario. Their generous contributions make it possible to send children who are burn survivors to camp for a week to help them continue the healing process".

Seize Your Future

"Seize Your Future (SYF) is a development program that offers leadership training to 15 to 17 year-old girls. Since 2005, SYF works to prepare a generation of strong, confident, and responsible female leaders, through weekend seminars, one-on-one mentorship, talks with current female leaders, and the execution of personal community projects. SYF provides young women with concrete tools, and encourages them to exceed their expectations and explore their full potential".

Parrsboro Youth Society

"The Parrsboro Youth Society is a non-profit organization which has been established for the youth, to provide a free, safe place for teens to socialize and have fun without the use of drugs and alcohol. The youths are free from bullying and it nurtures the continued success of keeping youths safe. Recently, some of the youth started volunteering with local business owners as a way of living up to their slogan "Bridging the Gap between youth and their community".

Wigs for Kids

"Wigs for Kids B.C. is a committee of volunteers who raise money to provide wigs for children who have lost their hair to cancer or other illnesses, and essential medications and feeding supplies that are not covered by any other program.

When a child has a serious illness it takes an enormous toll on the entire family. The assistance Wigs for Kids provides helps to lift the spirits of the sick child and lighten the family’s emotional and financial burden".

2011 Kia Drive Change Winners

Kids Safe

"In 2011, the Kia Drive Change Grant was awarded to Vancouver’s KidSafe Project society. Dedicated to the protecting Vancouver’s most at-risk children by providing essential services during school holidays, the $10,000 contribution from Kia Drive Change allowed KidSafe to provide 220 vulnerable children and youth with programming in the areas of nutrition, arts & culture, health & wellness, literacy, leadership, environmental stewardship, and mentorship during the 2011 winter break".

Maison des Jeunes de St-Bruno

"With the Kia team, La Maison des jeunes of Saint-Bruno finally has a music room that rocks!"

Ruelle Murmurvert

"The citizen’s committee called MURMURVERT of Montreal wanted to have a beautiful and safe alley for the kids to play. The Kia team helped them".

Chutes Chaudière Maison Familiale

"The Maison de la famille of St-Romuald received the help from Kia’s team to revamp the backyard and make it more fun and safe for the little ones".

Take the Pledge

In Canada, impaired driving takes between 1250 and 1500 souls a year. That’s about 4 people killed daily. Even the loss of one life is too many. Driving is a privilege. Safety is a right. At Kia we stand with MADD Canada, and encourage you to visit our site and take the pledge on the Map of Hope – a country-wide promise to drive sober and save lives. When you take the pledge, you get a marker on the Map of Hope – a map of a better, safer Canada – and make a statement that you’re taking a stand against impaired driving.

Take THE PLEDGE on the Map of Hope today

Mother's Against Drunk Driving