Sharing is Caring – Donations Make a Difference!

Make a donation, and make a difference. Whether you’re donating your old clothes, or an afternoon of your time, donating costs you nothing, but pays forward a feeling of goodwill that can last a lifetime. Let’s get sharing, and Drive Change around us today!

Every parent knows that kids out grow clothes in the blink of an eye! But as your family gets bigger, those clothes don’t need to go to waste. Donating clothes that your kids have outgrown, or clothes of your own that are still in good shape but that you don’t wear anymore is a wonderful way to Drive Change . There are lots of charity and second hand shops that are happy to take clothes that are in reasonable condition – and you can feel good about loved items getting a fresh lease on life with a new owner. Clothes that are too damaged or worn to donate can be torn up to make great household cleaning rags!

Sweets for the sweet! If you’re an expert baker, why not Drive Change by contributing your talents to a neighbourhood bake sale where the proceeds go to charity, or help a local elementary school invest in new athletic equipment? Your grandma’s apple pie is full of possibilities. Sharing your love for tasty treats has the power to go beyond filling tummies – it can nurture a sense of cooperation with in your community, and a shared belief in a better future.

Giving means giving back. Helping the older generation brings a powerful positive feeling of connection to something larger than ourselves. Whether you’re helping an older neighbour rake leaves or mow their lawn, or volunteering at a local home for the aged, you’re completing the circle by giving back to people whose contributions to the world around them made possible many of the opportunities we enjoy today. And if you’ve got time to listen, the older generation have amazing stories to tell! Drive Change by embracing how much we have to learn from people who’ve come before!

Donate blood! If you’re in good health, why not take a moment donate blood to someone injured in an accident or suffering from a life-threatening illness? There is no more special way to Drive Change for someone in need than giving the gift of life. Sign up at your local blood bank today.

When we share what we have with others, we become even more abundant – our lives become full of gratitude. Be a good friend, be a good neighbour – Drive Change through donation today.

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